World class process development, finding technically and economically robust process solutions for mining projects.

Engineering Studies

澳门渔人码头棋牌Core’s engineering group conducts scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility process engineering studies.  As a specialist process engineering group, our engineers provide expert guidance for a wide range of clients on the metallurgical development of their projects.  As part of this development, Core can generate:

澳门渔人码头棋牌• Process flow diagrams and costed equipment lists

澳门渔人码头棋牌• Detailed mass and energy balances for your process using Excel, METSIM or HSC Chemistry

澳门渔人码头棋牌• Specify, size and cost all the process equipment in your process flowsheet using our in-house equipment list and vendor supplied quotes

• Develop process operating costs including detailed power schedules, reagents and consumables list and plant labour schedule.

• Identify Life of Mine operating strategies, built around geometallurgical data for your project

Clients come to us to solve a variety of process problems:

•  Optimise your process flowsheet to minimise risk, operating & capital costs.
•  Develop a variety of processing options for your resource, outlining the drivers for each.

•  Evaluate competing flowsheet options, and identify a preferred flowsheet for the resource.
•  Identify parameters that are critical to your process and develop strategies to address these issues.
澳门渔人码头棋牌 •  Improve grade or recovery by enhancing existing processes or development of alternative processes that improve a project’s economics.

Process Engineering


  • Flowsheet development based on geometallurgical data, metallurgical testwork, process modelling and best practices.
  • Metallurgical accounting & mass balancing.
  • Technical and economic analysis and evaluation of process options.
  • Process modelling with METSIM and HSC.
  • Selection and sizing of all metallurgical equipment.

  • Development of design criteria documentation.
  • Development of operational control philosophies.
  • Proposal and evaluation of alternative process options and selection at the conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility study phases.
  • Development of new processes or improving existing processes to achieve higher productivity levels and higher recoveries.
  • Project management services, typically as a client representative post flowsheet development.
  • Development, construction and management of pilot plant facilities and programmes.
  • On site processing plant commissioning services.
  • On site processing plant optimisation services.


Core’s process engineering work incorporates all factors relevant to the project including market, metallurgical, economic, environmental, geographical and regulatory drivers.